University E-Learning System Enhancements

This project consisted of a number of functional enhancements, bug fixing and troubleshooting on the existing e-learning delivery platform at Manchester University's Medical School.

These systems are relatively complex and fragile, and combine code from various sources, including 3rd party open-source components. A careful understanding of the system's architecture and data structures are needed.

Project Summary

I created a number of bespoke administration interfaces that speed up the process of putting together the program year-specific materials, and integrated very fine-grained control of course content visibility and release dates. I fixed various long-term problems that were present on the front-end delivery, and added a number of front end features including improved search and taxonomy filtering.

Key aspects of the work included:

  • A detailed understanding of the system architecture
  • Augmenting existing administration screens
  • Creating new interfaces
  • Rebuilding content delivery templates
  • Adding very fine control of course content visibility and release
  • Adding bulk editing features
  • Creating bespoke picking / dragging interfaces for quickly assigning relationship hierarchy between content types
  • Creating content search and taxonomy filtering
  • Fixing Javascript problems
  • Fixing the site's mobile layout and navigation

Simon Ward